Tabitha Twitchet’s Shop - 48th scale

The Lay out -
The complete lay out comprises the main house
and a small annexe used as a shop -
  -  kitchen
  -  parlour
  -  hallway
  -  2 upstairs bedrooms
  -  stairway from kitchen
  -  small shop at front with room above.
Dimensions, inc. base -
48th scale - W 23 cm, D 15 cm, H 16 cm.

        Price - 340

        Lighting - see below.



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Inside the house showing kitchen, hallway and parlour on the ground floor and two bedrooms above.

Accessibility -
The main house can be entered by both a removable front wall and a front roof panel.  The shop has a removable side wall.

Lighting -
A lighting and fire pack can be fitted if required.
All lights and fires will illuminate using our hidden 3v battery system.
The pack includes -
5 x candle wall lights
1 x dog grate
1 x large closed range
1x bedroom fires
Wiring fee & power pack

Price - 103

The number and type of lights/fires can be varied upon request.



From The Tale of The Pie and The Patty-Pan

Tabitha Twithcet was the mother of Tom Kitten.  Her house was in Near Sawrey but she leased a shop in a curious annexe jutting out from a cottage in the nearby village of Hawkshead.


Tabitha’s shop jutting out from the main house