Askham Farmstead
- 1/48th scale

The Lay out -
The complete lay out comprises -
  -  farmhouse
  -  scullery
  -  dairy
  -  outside privy
  -  cow shed
  -  cart shed
  -  stable with granary
  -  pig sty

The farmstead has a common base and a shared roof
over the farm buildings (as in the photos).

Dimensions, inc. base -
W 70 cm, D 30 cm, H 18 cm.

Price - 510
(Lights and fires available upon request).



dolls houses & dolls house furniture
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At the back of the farmstead


Inside the farmhouse and farm buildings

A farmhouse and farm buildings that create a traditional Lakeland farmstead

~ available in both 48th and 32nd scale ~


Askham Farmstead
- 1/32nd scale

All the features of the 48th model but in 32nd scale.
The farmstead is displayed with 32nd scale Britains’ farm animals, figures and garden plants.  NB farm animals and other Britains’ items not included. 

Dimensions, inc. base -
W 100 cm, D 45 cm, H 28 cm.

Price - 710
(Lights and fires available upon request)



Askham Farmstead - 1:48

Askham Farmstead - 1:32

Ever wondered what to do with all those Britains’ farm animals
you saved from when you were a child? 

Askham Farmstead is now available in 32nd scale.  This scale has been used since the 1950s by Britains, Airfix and other model makers.  Some of them are still producing a wide range of farm animals and figures today.

Chicken coop available separately

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