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Yewdale - a traditional Lakeland barn

~ available in both 48th & 24th scales ~

The famous spinning gallery upon the barn at Yew Tree Farm near Consiton

Yew Tree farm
Yewdale furnished

Yewdale Barn put into service
(needless to say, animals and farm implements are not included in the price)

Yewdale Barn, circa 1850 - 1:24

Yewdale barn combines many of the features that can be found upon typical Lakeland barns of the 18th and 19th centuries.  On the ground floor there is a cow shed to accommodate up to four cows or oxen, a cart shed beyond a central arch, and a stable suitable for one horse.  There is also a chicken coop accessed from the cart shed.  The upper floor comprises
an open loft for the storage of hay and grain.  The centre
of the loft would have been used as a threshing floor and
a winnowing door can be found opposite the double barn
doors to provide a through draught.  Upon the right gable
there is a spinning gallery, accessed from steps at the rear
of the barn.

Yewdale Barn - 1/24th

Dimensions, inc. base:  W 41.5 cm, D 35.5 cm, H 32 cm. 
Price: - 575


Barn interior showing cow shed, cart shed, stable (chicken coop behind) and hay loft.

Spinning gallery upon side


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Yewdale Barn - 1:48

Yewdale Barn - 1/48th

Dimensions, inc. base:  W 21.5 cm, D 19 cm, H 17 cm.
Price: - 275

Yewdale barn in 48th includes most of the features of the 24th scale version-

cowshed with cattle stall
cart shed through arch
hay loft with winnowing door and double doors with ramp to rear
spinning gallery.

Rear doors from hay loft

Interior of barn