Mangle kit
Mid 19th cent. (Victorian) onwards.  The mangle was used to wring the water from wet washing and also to press and smooth almost dry washing.  The screw at the top was used to adjust the pressure on the rollers below.

1/24th - 12

Laundry Set kit
19th cent. (Victorian). 
Table with wooden washing tray, washboard, duckboard, wooden dolly tub, dolly peg, posser and clothes horse. The wooden washing tray was placed on top of a table to prevent too much stooping.  It was used in conjunction with the washboard for hand rubbing of stubborn stains before the washing was boiled.  The floor got very wet and so the duck-board was used to stand on.  Before the washing was put into the copper to boil the dirt was pounded out using the dolly peg or posser in the dolly tub.  The clothes horse was a folding wooden frame to hang the clothes on to dry.

1/24th - 15


Postage and Packing

1 kit = 2

2 or more kits = 4



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