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A pair of copper miner’s cottages from within the shadow of Wetherlam

Simple homes such as these cottages were frequently built for the families of miners who worked in the numerous mines and quarries upon the slopes of the Coniston fells.   Wetherlam Cottages are a mirrored pair of one-up, one-down dwellings with a single storey outhouse upon the rear, ideal for use as a kitchen, scullery or bathroom.

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Irish Row in the Coppermines Valley

One of the cottages furnished with examples of our furniture

Wetherlam Cottages, circa 1865 - 24th scale


Scale:  1/24th
Dimensions, inc. base:  W 38.5 cm, D 37.5 cm, H 35 cm.
Total number of rooms:  6
Price:  425


Sculleries on rear of cottages

Fitted interiors

Terraced cottages

Terraced cottages at nearby Haverthwaite