Tower Bank Arms - 48th scale

The Lay out -
The complete lay out comprises the main house
and a small annexe used as a shop -
  -  lounge bar
  -  adjoining parlour
  -  2 upstairs bedrooms
  -  stairway at back of parlour
Dimensions, inc. base -
48th scale - W 28 cm, D 16.5 cm, H 16.5 cm.

        Price - 320

        Lighting - see below.


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Tower Bank Arms


Inside the public house showing lounge bar, parlour on left through arch, and two upstairs bedrooms.

Accessibility -
Access to interior is via a removable front wall and front roof panel.

Lighting -
A lighting and fire pack can be fitted if required.
All lights and fires will illuminate using our hidden 3v battery system.
The pack includes -
4 x candle wall lights
1 x external lamp

1 x Georgian hob grate
1 x large open range
2 x bedroom fires
Wiring fee & power pack

Price - 123

The number and type of lights/fires can be varied upon request.
To see examples of 48th lights and fires please visit our
48th lights and fires page.




From The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck

The Tower Bank Arms was - and still is - the public house in Near Sawrey.  It features in Beatrix Potter’s stories, most notably in The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck.