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“Wow, that looks incredible and I'm absolutely thrilled with what you've  made! Your attention to detail is amazing and it looks simply superb,  exceeding my expectations.”
Mr E

“What can I say. I love it, couldn’t be more pleased with everything. It  was like Christmas unpacking everything. Thrilled just doesn’t cover it. The little lights are amazing - such a neat little package. The tiny  voyage of discovery just went on and on - the seat in the privy, the tiny ladder, the working  slide front on the chicken dresser! I won’t go on - I want to get back  to it.”
Mrs G - Sussex

“I can confirm I have received my order today. Very pleased with it and thank you for your excellent service
Mrs L - Lancashire

“I am so happy with that little house.  The more I look at it the more detail I find...  It has so much potential and I am thrilled with it.”
Mrs D - Oxford.

“Thank you so much for building my house. It is wonderful and has been greatly admired... You are so clever with the plans and carrying out the work. I will hopefully have many years in which to fill the many rooms.”
Mrs C - Chelmsford.

“The standard of finish on your products compared with others seems outstanding.”
Mr N - Weymouth

“Your houses are wonderful.  I never thought I’d be able to have something of that quality.”
Mrs M - Cornwall

“I am thrilled beyond belief!”
Mrs S - USA

“My friend said she can see why I fell in love with the cottage.  I am feeling very proud of myself because this is the first time I have managed to put lights in and get them working, thanks to your husband’s instructions.”
Mrs W - Devon

“The cottages are really excellent quality and workmanship and I wish you both every success in your future endeavours.”
Mrs J - Devon

“Thank you for all your help and for sending the items so promptly.  I would definitely buy from you again.”
Miss P - Scotland

“I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and kindness.”
Mrs W - Merseyside

“Just a short note to thank you both for all your hard work you have done on my doll’s house, I am so pleased it looks magnificent.”
Mrs E - Shropshire

“Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived last week and I am totally thrilled with it. The pieces are beautifully made and look fab in my little house. I am looking to buying from you again soon.”
Mrs S - Essex

“First let me say that you and your wife are something else!...  I am so pleased.  Have never seen anything like it.  I am absolutely thrilled with it.”
Ms S - Norway



dolls houses & dolls house furniture
1/24th scale (half scale), 1/48th scale,
kits & commissions

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