dolls houses & dolls house furniture
1/24th scale (half scale), 1/48th scale & commissions
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Outside already completed for you

Inside awaiting your own creative design

A selection of properties are available for either domestic or retail use.

48th or 24th scales

- Key Features -

        • Fully finished exterior with glazed windows
        • Plain white-washed interior walls (no dividing walls)
        • Flagstone floor at ground level and plain white floorplate at upper levels
        • Removable roof and front facade.

Optional extras to enhance your property are available
(see panel below)



Stone House

Originally a private dwelling, in latter times used as a guest house and a shop.  Suitable for conversion to either retail or domestic use.

Two storeys with steps up to ground floor. Key features.
Prices -
48th - 80
24th - 160

* Recommended optional extra - dividing wall to left or right of door.

Properties available in Kendal

Shop Row

Combine two or more Kendal shops.

Joined pavement and roof available if ordered together.
 Key features.

Coffee House

Former 18th century coffee house available for retail or domestic use.

Three storeys.
 Key features.

Prices -
48th - 80
24th - 160

Tailor’s Shop

A former tailor’s shop now available for purchase.

Three storeys.  Side alley leading to back with access to ground floor via door in alleyway.
 Key features.

Prices -
48th - 80
24th - 160

Properties available in Caldbeck

Caldbeck Cottage

A characterful cottage ideal for a small family.  One up, one down with outside earth closet privy and associated pig sty.
Two storeys.
Key features

Prices -
48th - 60
24th - 120

Option to include former owners’ pig upon request.
Prices -
48th - 3
24th - 9.75

Optional Extras

A range of extras can be purchased to enhance your house.  Prices dependent on scale. 
Note - all items, except false doors, can only be fitted when the house is built.  This means they will need to be requested at the time of ordering your house.

False Door
48th - 4
24th - 8
A non-opening door that can be glued to a wall.  Oak stained wood.
Note - if you fit an internal dividing wall to your house you will need two doors to give the illusion of a door leading into another room.

Dividing Wall
48th - 15
24th - 30
Suitable for wider houses, i.e Stone House and the Coaching Inn.  Divides a large floor area up into separate rooms.

48th scale - 10
24th scale - 30
A stained wooden floorplate with grooves to represent floorboards.  In the case of 24th scale, a floorplate with wooden strips glued across.

48th - 5
24th - 10
A chimney breast with opening for a fireplace that will fit our hob/dog grates or kitchen ranges (specify which upon ordering).

Range Chimneybreast
48th - 6
24th - 12
As above but suitable for our open or closed ranges.











Properties available in Cartmel


Coaching Inn

A traditional property formerly an eighteenth century coaching inn.  Available for either conversion to domestic use or for continued use as a public house/hotel.
Two storeys. Key features.

Prices -
48th - 95
24th - 190

* Recommended optional extra -
dividing wall to left or right of main door.

Properties available in Underbarrow


Underbarrow Toll House

A quaint home, formerly a toll house on the road to Kendal.
Single storey.  Key features.

Prices -
48th - 60
24th - 120

* Dividing walls are in place to divide the interior into four rooms.


Eden Court Back-to-Backs

A back-to-back series of houses with a private walled courtyard. The two storey red brick building comprises four attached houses, two on the front aspect and a further two on the back.  Each house is a one-up, one-down.

Properties available in Carlisle


Facing the rear pair of houses is a flagged courtyard with brew house (or wash house), shared privy and water tap.  The open alleyway provides access for the houses on the front.

To be sold as one lot and ideal for modernization and conversion to either private or rented accommodation.Two storeys. Key features

Dimensions, inc. base - 19cm W x 34cm D x 16cm H.

Prices -
48th - 195
24th - 390

*  Dividing walls between all four houses are in place with this model.




Music Shop

Former music shop available for retail or domestic use.

Three storeys. Bay window.
 Key features.

Prices -
48th - 80
24th - 160


Privy, brew house and tap





A range of modestly priced houses
for those starting out on the property ladder


Coaching Inn interior