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Eden Valley School - 24th scale


The school consists of a single classroom with floorboards and half panelled walls.  A spacious entrance hall serves as a cloakroom.  There is also a washroom with sinks and two outside toilets with water closets.

Large window in the classroom side wall

The toilet block at the rear of the washroom

The washroom with sinks

Scale:  1/24th
Dimensions, inc. base:  W 50 cm, D 38 cm, H 29 cm. 
Price: 685


Available in both 48th and 24th scale


Eden Valley School - 48th scale




Eden Valley is a traditional red-brick Victorian village school of a style that can be found in many parts of the country.  This particular model was inspired by examples from the Eden Valley in the north-east of Cumbria.

The 48th scale version has the same floor plan as the larger scale and with only a few simplifications.

Overhead view showing the sinks and toilets.

LED lighting is provided in the classroom with a battery and switch hidden in the ‘boiler room’ next to the chimney. 

A traditional school stove that lights up is also available for an additional cost, as well as a range of 48th scale school furniture.

Scale:  1/48th
Dimensions, inc. base:  W 29 cm, D 20 cm, H 13 cm. 
Price: 320