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Cottages from the mineral mining area of Cumberland

These simple cottages are inspired by the homes of labourers who worked in the bobbin mill and mineral mines around the village of Caldbeck in Cumberland.  They have a single living room and an upstairs bedroom partially within the loft space.  A steep ladder stair connects the two levels.

The corner shop was formerly a cottage in the same style, the ground floor has now been converted into a shop, while upstairs is used for living quarters.  Accordingly, the downstairs fireplace has been removed to upstairs.  A partition wall has been erected at the back of the shop to provide privacy where the ladder stair rises to the living quarters.

Pretty Caldbeck cottages

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Calbeck Cottages in 1830 - 24th scale

Scale:  1/24th
Dimensions for each cottage/shop:  W 17 cm, D 21 cm, H 30 cm. 
Total number of rooms in each:  2

Price:  485


Row of cottages in Caldbeck

caldbeck cottages

Alternative colour schemes are available upon request.  In this example, all the cottages have been rendered and painted white.