Buttery & Dairy

1/24th scale buttery furniture
slate slab

Slate Slab
The cold slate slab standing in the buttery or larder would keep the food cool and fresh.  It would often have a curtain attached to the front to hide the utensils kept beneath it.
1/24th - 8

a frame table
butter churn

Butter Churn
One of the earliest types of butter churn was the plunger churn.  The plunger had a perforated wooden disc at the bottom.  This was dashed up and down in the cream until butter was formed.
1/24th - 12

A-frame Table
A basic table on which to work and store food.
1/24th - 6

Milk Pail
Probably derived from the word pale meaning a flat strip of wood, the pail was made up of flat wooden strips bound together with iron hoops, like a barrel.
1/24th - 2

Basic Shelves & Peg Board
A set of basic open shelves to fix on the wall and a peg board to hang goods.
1/24th - 3.00


Bread Board & Rolling Pin
1/24th - 1.50

dolls houses & dolls house furniture
1/48th scale, 1/24th scale (half scale),
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