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A village church dedicated to Cumbria’s patron saint

St. Kentigern’s comprises an entrance porch, nave, altar alcove and vestry.  It has a stained glass window based upon the original at Buttermere, as well as a landscaped base complete with gravestones.

St. Kentigern’s comes with lighting already in place.  The
lighting comprises two hanging wooden cross candle lights
in the nave, an altar candelabrum, a candle light in the
vestry, and a lantern over the porch.             


St. Kentigern’s

Pulpit    Lectern    Pews    Altar table   
Altar cross     Font

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Buttermere in summer


St.Kentigern’s Church - 24th scale

Font of church

Rear of church

Stained glass window in east wall

Lit interior of church


Scale:  1/24th
Dimensions:  W 49 cm, D 35 cm, H 31 cm.
Price:  585

If there can be said to be a patron saint of Cumbria it would be St. Kentigern (also known as St. Mungo) who, according to popular legend, visited Cumberland in the 6th century and preached in the area of Keswick.  Many churches in the northern part of the Lakes now bear his name. 

St. Kentigern’s is typical of the small churches that lie tucked away in the quiet valleys of Lakeland.  In particular, our model is inspired by St. James’s at Buttermere, which was consecrated in 1507 and assumed its present form in 1840.